Pilot Pen Co. UK Ltd – 4th November 1997

12 Nov

Complaint Letter No. 2

Compensation: A3 Jiffy bag filled with assorted Pilot Pen Co. UK Ltd. pens – including ballpoints, fine-liners, silver decorative pens and florescent markers.

Public Relations Department
Pilot Pen Co. UK Ltd.
Hi-tech House
Malton Avenue
Bucks SL1 4DE

4th November 1997

Dear Sir / Madam

As a regular user of Pilot products, it is with great regret that I must put pen (not Pilot, I’m afraid) to paper and return a packet of Ballpoint GIs.

In my quest for the perfect shorthand pen, I thought these looked just the ticket: “A New Adventure in Writing” – attractive, good value and a thickish point (0.7).

These pens were most definitely a “new adventure” – not only that, they were also a new challenge – so much so, I could not get the bloody thing to write properly.

I am fed up with forking out money on pens that do not write, and I am returning these pens to you with their receipt for a refund.  You really should give your pens a thorough test before merchandising them – especially when poor sods like myself are seduced by lies on the packet e.g. “smooth feel”.  These little blighters are the pen equivalents of a Robin Reliant.

Yours faithfully


Ingrid Stone

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