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How To Complain On Valentine’s Day (by the Queen Of Complaints)

5 Feb

Ingrid Stone

Love it or loathe it, February 14 strikes again – be it with Cupid’s arrow or fear in your heart.

As part of my regal duties, I thought it only right and proper to provide you with some top tips to warm your cockles and ease any pains that might mar this upcoming St Valentine’s Eve.

Should You Eat Your Words?

If you are in a relationship, it could be that your loved one is planning on cooking up a romantic feast (or has a bun in the oven.) And if not, there will be the usual mad scramble to book a table that isn’t a Zizzi or your local take-out joint.

Hopefully your evening will be a delightful melange of tender exchanges and melt-in-the-mouth morsels and the only sour note will be that perfectly formed cocktail by a world-class mixologist.

However, there’s a teeny chance that your meal won’t be quite up to scratch and you will have good reason to complain (although I do not advise this in the case of the Home Cooked Meal.)  As it happens, I wrote a piece about restaurant complaining which was published by Which? back in July, which I turned into a little film (and was since featured by those lovely people at Square Meal.)

Below is that film. I do hope it is of some use if your dinner à deux fails to meet your expectations.

Positive Complaining

Remember that your body language says a lot about you and can make the world of difference when complaining about a shoddy service or returning a faulty product. Stand tall, be polite and remember that you are just as important as that Prada-wielding person on the next table or behind you in the customer service queue.

For more apple grumble, the Queen Of Complaints’ complaining tips can be found here 

You-Know-Who XXX