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Culinare MagiCan – 14th September 2010

14 Nov

Complaint Letter: No. 13.

Compensation: Replacement Culinare MagiCan can-opener.

Nick Cornwell

Managing Director

DKB Household UK Ltd.

Bridge House

Eelmoor Road


Hampshire GU14 7UE

14th September 2010

Dear Mr Cornwell

I bought the enclosed Culinare MagiCan can-opener from Waitrose last week, as it looked like a good, sturdy product.

The blades cut into the can well, but unfortunately once the cutting has been completed, the can’s plastic ‘legs’ refuse to open and it is virtually impossible to remove the can.  It is especially annoying when trying to remove a tin of tuna fish.  I had this misfortune a couple of days ago, and I quite literally had to force the plastic legs of the can-opener apart. Of course the liquid in which the tuna was contained went everywhere – including over me, with everything smelling of fish, which was most unpleasant.

Not only is the product entirely impractical, it is also dangerous, as in trying to prise open the plastic legs of the can-opener, the consumer’s hand can slip and cut themselves on the tin or the can-opener’s blades in the process.

In fact, with the Culinare MagiCan’s reluctance to give over the can (rather like a dog refusing to let go of a stick), perhaps the product should be renamed a ‘Can’t-opener’ or even a ‘Shan’t-opener’.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Ingrid Stone